Verified Safe Transport

Verified Safe Transport

In transportation, speed is of the essence. However, safety is even more crucial: for employees, for the public, and for the goods themselves. Demonstrate your commitment to safety with the GC-Mark for Safe Transport.

The standards and regulations corresponding to the Safe Transport seal are the ISO 17687:2007 Standard for Transport Information and Control Systems (TICS), and the Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS). They focus upon contingency plans, monitoring of vehicles and goods, alarm systems, fleet management and communication plans.

The assessment also covers the ISO 39001 guidelines for Road Traffic Safety Management.

Trucking companies, freight forwarders, couriers, and parcel services can boost their reputation by displaying the GC Mark for Safe Transport on their corporate website, in the specialized press, and even on their entire fleet. Let the world know you care!

The GC-Mark “Safe Transport”:

  • Confirms the adequacy of contingency plans, communication systems and monitoring
  • Can be used on the fleet for promotional purposes and in stakeholder communication
  • Helps transportation companies to win new contracts


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Safe Transport

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