Verified Green Product

Verified Green Product

The market is being flooded with products that claim to be green. From cars to napkins, there is a green version of every item. But how do customers know which products really offer environmental benefits?

Green products are available for almost every daily need, and the ways in which they are green are many and varied: they may be energy or water-efficient; they may use healthy, non-toxic materials; they may be made from recycled or renewable sources; they may be used to make conventional products more efficient or more durable; or they may be recyclable or bio-degradable, among many other things.

Along with all the truly green products, however, comes the risk of “greenwashing”, a word used to describe products that are falsely advertised as being “green”, but do not offer any real environmental or health benefits. With the Green Product standard, consumers can be sure that what claims to be green really is green: experienced DQS auditors analyze the production process during an on-site assessment, and award the GC-Mark if the product meets the specified requirements.

With the GC-Mark Verified Green Product, you can:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable production
  • Identify chances to minimize adverse effects
  • Discover new opportunities to increase efficiency
  • Print the seal on your products to attract consumers


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