Premium Hygiene Food

Premium Hygiene Food

Restaurants, bakeries, and fast food outlets can all benefit from a clearly visible mark that documents their excellence in hygiene.

Throughout the years, the catering trade has implemented numerous standards to prevent food poisoning and contaminations. These standards, which are often recognized internationally, have made a major contribution to food safety across the globe.

However, this unmistakable increase in hygiene has not necessarily led to an increase in public confidence. To the contrary, many people nowadays seem to be more aware of the health risks than ever before.

The GC-Mark “Premium Hygiene Food” provides a way to demonstrate your excellence in hygiene to customers and to create trust. An on-site audit, carried out by competent auditors, confirms that your establishment meets the requirements of standards such as HACCP and ISO 22000. But unlike these standards, the certificate is visually attractive and understandable for all customers.

The GC-Mark for Premium Hygiene Food:

  • Conforms certified conformity with legal and voluntary standards and regulations
  • Is based upon an on-site audit
  • Can be used to attract new customers



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