Premium Health & Wellness

Premium Health & Wellness

Relaxation is the cure for many ills. And what better place is there to relax than a certified Health & Wellness Center?

Unfortunately, to relax is a skill most of us have unlearned: stress, burnout and depression are among the signs of our times. Dedicated health & wellness centers help people to alleviate stress and to regain their energy.

As the wellness industry continues to grow, many providers have tried to grab their share of the market. However, the health & wellness industry requires a lot of know-how and expertise – if only for the safety of the customer.

The GC Mark “Premium Health & Wellness Center” is a quality label for wellness centers and spas that adhere to the highest quality standards. During an on-site assessment, qualified auditors analyze the service quality, the competence of staff, and the adequacy of hygiene plans.

The GC-Mark for Health & Wellness Centers:

  • Is applicable to spas, wellness centers and health facilities
  • Confirms service excellence
  • Verifies the implementation of hygiene plans
  • Inspects the safety of the facilities



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