Excellent Passenger Transport

Excellent Passenger Transport

When using public transport, passengers expect high standards to be maintained in terms of safety, hygiene, efficiency, and reliability.

Like any other service, public transport needs to invest in a quality control program in order to remain competitive. More and more public transport operators and associated bodies (e.g. government agencies and supervisory organizations) invest in quality control programs in order to assess and improve the services provided to the passengers.

The quality of public transport depends on many factors, such as safety, on-time performance, accessibility, efficiency, and hygiene. The GC-Mark for Passenger Transport is complementary with a DQS certification according to EN 13816 – the internationally recognized standard for service quality in public transportation.

The standard includes criteria for availability, accessibility, comfort, punctuality, sustainability, security, and many more. The GC-Mark confirms excellence in these respects and can therefore be used for promotional purposes.

The GC-Mark for Excellent Passenger Transport:

  • Analyzes availability, accessibility, comfort, …
  • Confirms compliance with EN 13816
  • Highlights excellent performance


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