Excellent Business Hotel

Excellent Business Hotel

With a plethora of anonymous hotel reviews on the internet, reliable certificates offer a valuable and objective alternative.

An excellent business hotel creates the perfect conditions for business travelers, and takes the specific needs of business travelers as its starting point. For a business hotel to be truly excellent, it must offer amenities like wireless internet access and sufficient mobile network coverage. But it also needs to deliver excellent service: flexibility, extensive language skills and an efficient quality management system are absolute prerequisites.

The GC-Mark for business hotels shows travelers and travel managers which hotels meet exactly these requirements. During an on-site assessment, DQS auditors will evaluate service quality and verify conformity with applicable standards and regulations.

Because certification is often an asset in winning corporate contracts, displaying the GC-Mark may help you attract more guests – if you use it the right way.

The GC-Mark Excellent Business Hotel:

  • Confirms the effectiveness of a quality management system
  • Focuses upon dedicated services for business travelers
  • Is an asset in winning corporate contracts


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