Certified Product Quality

Certified Product Quality

Product quality is the alpha and omega of every business: without consistent product quality, it is virtually impossible to build a customer base.

At DQS, we believe that consistent product quality is the result of an effective quality management system. The GC-Mark for quality products confirms that a product is the outcome of an approved quality management system. It is therefore similar to the popular ISO 9001 certificate, which has established itself as the preferred global standard for quality management.

However, the GC-Mark differs from the ISO 9001 certificate in the sense that it can be applied to products, on the condition that the product is indeed the result of a reliable quality management system. Whereas consumers often have a hard time understanding the relevance of traditional certification, the message of the GC-Mark is understandable for the general public.

The GC-Mark Certified Product Quality:

  • Confirms conformity with applicable standards
  • Meets and exceeds the requirements for ISO 9001
  • Can be printed directly on products


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