Certified Luxury Hotel

Certified Luxury Hotel

Luxury is the art of perfection. Many are called, but few are chosen. The GC-Mark identifies the select circle of hotels that have mastered the art of perfection.

True luxury is exceptional by definition. Although many hotels aspire for luxury, only an exclusive circle of hotels manages to fulfill our dreams of luxury and opulence. Their secret? A passion for perfection in every single detail.

The GC-Mark “Luxury Hotel” singles out hotels that promise and deliver authentic luxury. During an on-site assessment, a qualified DQS auditor verifies whether the operational processes enable the hotel to deliver a unique sense of luxury at every time and for every guest. Through an in-depth analysis of all day-to-day procedures, the auditor confirms that the highest standards of excellence are being met, and points out potential for further streamlining. The focus during the audit remains with the experience for the guests, both in terms of service quality and facilities.

After a successful assessment, the GC-Mark can be used to demonstrate excellence to all interested parties: investors, travel agencies, corporations, as well as individual travelers.

The GC-Mark Luxury Hotel:

  • Confirms that extraordinary standards for excellence have been implememted
  • Focuses upon service quality and guest experience
  • Is the perfect stakeholder communication tool


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Luxury Hotel

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