Certified Green Logistics

Certified Green Logistics

So you have integrated an effective environmental management system. Are you integrating this in your overall marketing strategy? 

Sustainable products and services are no longer niche-products: they are essential for a future-orientated corporate strategy. As in any other industry sector, transportation companies also face the need to position themselves in this regard. But where does one draw the line between greenwashing and professional environmental management and what is the most efficient strategy to win over the increasing group of ecologically aware customers?

In the industry, standards such as ISO 14001, 50001 and EMAS have established themselves, but the general public is largely unaware of their existence. The GC-Mark is a clear signal towards all stakeholders that a company is committed to the environment.

GC-Mark Certified Green Logistics

  •       Efficiency and saving of natural resources
  •       Monitored environmental performance and continuous improvement
  •       Transparency and response to customer requests


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