Certified Business Continuity Management

Certified Business Continuity Management

The lasting success of companies does not only depend upon the prevention of issues and incidents, but also upon being prepared when the inevitable occurs.

Fire, flood, natural disasters, theft, IT outage, and health problems can instantly bring production to a standstill – without warning and when you least expect it.

A proactive approach allows you to minimize the impact of incidents, and to understand the effects of potential threats. Our qualified auditors will assist you in assessing risks, and propose remedies for any gaps you may have in your crisis plan.

The GC-Mark for Business Continuity Management informs your clients that they can rely on your services, whatever the circumstances.

The standard for business continuity management is designed to protect your business from unexpected disruptions. It helps you to identify possible threats and to keep critical functions up and running. This is particularly relevant in critical industry sectors that cannot afford any interruptions, such as transport, energy, finance and IT.

The GC-Mark for Certified Business Continuity Management:

  • Confirms the implementation of ISO 22301
  • Creates trust among stakeholders
  • Is based upon an on-site audit


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