Approved Facility Management

Facility Management Systems – Building Trust with ISO 41001

The GC-Mark audit and assurance program is the perfect way to highlight your commitment to Facility Management. During the audit, our assessors verify the implementation of a robust facility management system (FMS). Third-party confirmation of your FMS greatly enhances trust between business partners and provides assurance that risks associated with this service are managed appropriately.

What is a Facility Management System?

A Facility Management System (FMS) is a set of processes to make sure that an organization that provides facility management services to other organizations operates in a specialized and standardized way. An effective FMS enables organizations to determine the relevant documents that ensure optimal service quality and trust for the customers. It also guarantees that, once applied, an organization can track and improve the planning, operation, and monitoring of its FMS.

What is the purpose of ISO 41001?

The international standard ISO 41001 provides guidelines for effective Facility Management Systems. It specifies requirements to plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and provide a documented integrated FMS within the context of managing an organizations operational activities and risks. These requirements are non-sector specific and intended to be applicable to all organizations and regardless of the type, size and nature or geographical location. The standard is a useful tool for organizations that wish to implement a facility management system or are looking to standardize their system.

How does this relate to the GC-Mark “Approved Facility Management”?

GC-Mark for facility management systems is an audit and assurance program, based upon the guidelines of ISO 41001:2018, which in itself is also a certification standard. After a successful audit on site performed by qualified auditors, you may use the GC-Mark certificate, symbol and label to highlight your commitment to an effective and efficient facility management.



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GC-Mark Approved facility management

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