Global Certification of Compliance

Trust is the most valuable currency in the world. If your customers have trust in your organization and its products or services, you will have achieved a degree of success that cannot be measured in money alone. Customer loyalty and customer recommendations will follow in its wake, making that success permanent and accumulative. The GC-Mark programs are designed to achieve this trust – and maintain it, indefinitely. They are voluntary certifications of products and services, based on the corresponding regulations and according to Global Certification of Compliance requirements.

Organizations today need to fulfill a large number of diverse requirements, some prescribed by law and regulations, others by their customers or end-users. These requirements can be divided into three categories:  starting with product conformity, inspection of products or services, and finally certification of management systems.  In order to facilitate fulfillment, and to make it transparent, DQS has developed a method which can cover all of the above mentioned steps in a single step: GC-Mark.

With GC-Mark, customers have the unique opportunity to advertise their conformance with globally recognized programs to end-users, who may not be familiar with the details of international management system standards, thus increasing market visibility and recognition. The product-related programs under GC-Mark are complementary to CE, thus further supporting the trust customers can place in an organization.

GC-Mark is a Registered Trademark



GC-Mark is a registered trademark of DQS CFS GmbH and the international DQS Group with 75 offices in more than 50 countries.

DQS GmbH and UL Management Systems Solutions (MSS) merged at the end of March, 2008. With their alliance, Germany’s first certification body for management systems and the MSS business unit of America’s most renowned product certifier Underwriters Laboratories (UL) achieved a place among the leading certification bodies for management systems in the world.


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How to obtain

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