Green Company Certification for Rail Pardaz Seir (RPS)

Green Company Certification for Rail Pardaz Seir (RPS)

Rail Pardaz Seir (RPS), a leading logistics provider in Iran, has obtained the GC-Mark “Green Company”. After a thorough audit on site, our team of environmental auditors concluded that RPS meets the requirements for environmental management, as stipulated in the GC-Mark guidelines. Congratulations to the RPS team!

Rail Pardaz Seir - ENGRail Pardaz Seir (CC) was founded as a passenger and freight transport company to operate in the rail transport industry. The company started its activity in 2009 after purchasing 50 second-hand wagons from Raja Rail Transport Company and establishing Rail Trabar Saba Company as a subsidiary. Purchasing 1024 high-sided wagons in 2010 from the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways Company, RPS entered freight transport field.

In order to become the leading Iranian rail transport provider, RPS places great value on its own environmental responsibility. For its efforts to reduce energy consumption and emissions, the company has been rewarded with the GC-Mark. RPS has previously also been certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001.

The GC-Mark certificate will be valid for one year, after which a second inspection will take place.

More information about the GC-Mark “Green Company” can be found here.