Testimonial: Product Quality Certification for Zarrin Cellulose Co.

Testimonial: Product Quality Certification for Zarrin Cellulose Co.

Zarrin Cellulose Co. has been the latest in a series of Middle Eastern companies to seek third party certification, in an effort to demonstrate their commitment to quality. After a thorough audit, performed by qualified DQS auditors, Zarrin Cellulose has obtained the GC-Mark Certified “Certified Product Quality” for their diapers, branded under the name “Premium My Baby”.

467679 Label“Zarrin Cellulose Ind. Co. was founded in 1989 at the industrial center of Iran, Saveh Industrial Area, with the purpose of producing high quality hygienic products.

Since then Zarrin Cellulose Co. has built a rich heritage to meet the consumers’ needs with brands that make everyday life easier for all the family members: My Baby-baby diaper, My Lady-feminine napkins and Easy Life-adult protective diaper.

This simple purpose has enabled us to become one of the leading hygienic manufacturers in the region and will continue to guide us in our aim to improve lives now and for generations to come.

Product quality relates to how well a product meets changing demands and at Zarrin Cellulose, we strive to stay in touch with our consumers, together with our overseas suppliers to fulfill Zarrin Cellulose goals.

We are now proud to use highly advanced technology by running the new-generation machinery and receiving GC Mark – Certified Product Quality for our baby diaper “Premium My Baby” is the next step in becoming an international brand conquering consumer’s hearts.”

— Mr. Hamid Sharif, CEO

The certificate will be valid for one year. Congratulations to the team!