Testimonial: Softlan is now a GC-Mark certified Trusted Brand

Testimonial: Softlan is now a GC-Mark certified Trusted Brand


Marinasun Cellulose Industrial Co, one of the subsets of Golrang Industrial Group (GIG), started operating in 2008 in the cellulose-hygienic industry by producing facial tissue, towel paper, toilet paper, wet wipes, female sanitary napkins and baby diapers in Iran. Their Softlan brand has now been certified as a „Trusted Brand“.

„One of Marinasun’s main objectives in the area of quality policy has been brand development. Hence, in order to create customer confidence and trust, concerning the qualitative and quantitative status of the products, we have made it a priority to achieve Global Conformance certification from DQS CFS, with a focus on our Softlan brand.

Our commitment to the brand is directly connected to the experience of our customer. Several indicators such as safety, hygiene, consistency and innovation play important roles in the creation of loyalty among the customers and we consistently strive to build trust in Softlan brand by assuring the exact and truthful execution of the factors named above. Furthermore, we carefully study customer responses and emotional reactions towards ‘Softlan’, in order to align customer relationship management with the company’s higher goals.

By achieving GC Mark – Trusted Brand, we have been able to carefully select and combine tangible and non-tangible features in order to distinguish Softlan from other brands. With this certificate, it is hoped that ‘Softlan’ occupies a clear, stable and persistent image in the minds of our domestic and foreign customers.“

— Dr. Hamid Reza Vaezpour, Managing Director